Car Accessories

Your car is, in many ways, an extension of you. Auto accessories can reflect this in both performance and appearance. Auto Trim Design can help provide you with the best auto accessories for your needs, installing the vehicle accessories we sell. Your car accessories should reflect your style – we can help that become a reality.

Car Spoilers

Car spoilers can bring a very sporty look to just about any car. But car spoilers, including rear spoilers and car wings, are more than just aesthetic additions to cars (although they are pretty cool looking!) They provide a very useful service in that they reduce drag and make cars more aerodynamic.

“But,” you say, “I’m not racing my car! I’m just driving it to and from work!” Valid point. It’s highly unlikely that you’re going to be racing your passenger vehicle any time soon. Car spoilers also increase fuel efficiency – definitely a plus as gas prices increase.


Auto Trim Design’s ventshades keep your cars cool by letting your windows stay open while protecting the interior (especially leather interiors) from the elements. You can choose between smoke ventshades, painted ventshades, and chrome ventshades, each of which can reflect your style in a different way. We’ll help pick a ventshade that will fit your car brilliantly.

Chrome Accessories

Aren’t factory-provided chrome pieces nice looking? Wouldn’t it be great to add extra flashes of chrome to your car? We can do that, too. From door handle covers to mirror covers; fuel door covers to wheel covers; and even grill inserts, we can do it all.

The subtle touches of extra chrome accessories on your car can make your car shine. Our experts will be able to help you figure out how to add a classy touch of chrome accessories to your car.


Sometimes, the carpeting that comes with your car just isn’t enough to protect against damage. You need extra protection to keep your floors in pristine condition. There are several types of floormat accessories for your car or truck:

Carpeted Mats

When we install carpeted mats, your floors will stay protected from dirty shoes and the accumulation of unsightly stains. They are made of top-notch materials and can be matched to reflect the style of your interior – no more mismatched mats!

Custom Liners

We fit our custom floor liners to the shape of your car interior. This way, you’ll get seamless protection for your interior floors! We can fit floor liners to both your passenger floor and the cargo or trunk of your car. They’re easy to clean; all you have to do is hose them off when they get too dirty.

License Plates & Hitch Plugs

Your car is an expression of who you are. Reflect that with a custom-made license plate tag. We can make and install a custom license plate that will let people know in an instant which team you pull for. Was your honors student just accepted to the university of their choice? Tell the world with a great stainless steel license plate tag.

We also provide hitch plugs, another way of expressing yourself. Our wide selection of hitch plugs can fit snugly on the hitch of your car and show your team spirit.

When you’re looking for the best car accessories, look no further than Auto Trim Design of Burlington, NC. We’ll set you up with the best car accessories to reflect your style.